Strength Training

Strength training is a type of workout that involves using the resistance of free weights or machines. Doing so builds up your muscle by inducing muscle contraction. Strength training aids in building your overall strength, endurance as well as skeletal muscle size. If performed correctly, it can greatly improve your overall well being as well functional strength. Lifting weights can speed up metabolism and improve cardiac function. The most common way of performing strength training is by progressively overloading the muscle and therefore increasing the force output it can provide during the execution of the exercise. Weightlifting is categorised mainly as an anaerobic activity meaning it will mainly build up your muscles and increase your strength. It consist of heavy and strenuous exercise that does not allow your muscles times to produce lactic acid , therefore increasing the burst of energy they can produce in a short span of time.

Circuit Training

Circuit training commonly referred to as body conditioning is a form of exercise that involves high-intensity workout sessions. It helps in building ones core strength as well as muscular tone and endurance. Circuit training is executed by performing a series of consecutive exercises in a rapid succession with minimal breaks in between. For example, you can do a set of chest press followed by bench dips followed by squats. The key component to a well-done circuit workout is performing the exercises with little to no time in between. After completing all of your exercises, that’s one circuit under your belt! Your goal is to have three or four circuits completed before leaving the gym. So why should you choose circuit training? Well… for starters, it is very time efficient, not to mention the fact that It can be performed almost anywhere with little to no equipment.

Fat Loss Training

It is a well-known fact that cardio has always been better then strength training when it comes to fat loss. However, this should not mean that you should only pick one or the other. A combined training regimen gradually adjusts your metabolic rate to reflect your current body and reduce the chance of rebound weight gain.As a contrast to weight training cardio is an aerobic exercise , this means you can maintain it at moderate intensities for far longer than intermittent strength circuits. The continuous movement generates an energy requirement that the body initially fills with ready stores of energy and when those are depleted switches to fats. It strains your muscles over time and allows them to generate lactic acid and builds up their endurance. This regular stress builds up a muscle’s ability to contract for longer without rest – increasing your tolerance and distance with every mile ran. This helps you gradually loose those stubborn pounds while gaining endurance and keeping your muscles toned and lean.

Core Training

You can say without hesitation that a strong core is essential for being in shape and keeping fit. Having a well-developed midsection can boost a lot of activities you do in your everyday life. Your core muscles help balance and stabilize your body therefore improving your posture as well keeping your back straight and in good health. Your core is that one thing that keeps your whole body together. No matter what you do it will always be your abdominal muscles that keep you straight up. Therefore, it’s the centre of every movement. Core training is the most misunderstood type of workout. In most people’s minds it invokes images of endless crunches and excruciating minutes of planking. The core is composed of many muscles. Its not just your abs that’s why it is of great importance to have well set-up program that trains all of you core muscles individually and as a set , avoiding disproportionate muscle growth and an unbalances gait.