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A bit more about us

Kris is an alumnus of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has formal military training in the Bulgarian Armed Forces while Vicky’s career started with ballroom dancing where she won several international competitions and then went on to become a certified professional trainer. During his army service Kris has been in charge of leading morning fitness routines and physical preparedness drills. Vicky on the other hand has taken part in many professional dance events.

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About our workouts

  • Strength Training

    Strength training or also called resistance training increases lean muscle mass. Typically associated with weight lifting, this form of activity can greatly increase overall well-being.

  • Circuit Training

    Improve your endurance with short sets of aerobic exercise. It improves circulatory health and breathing as well as building up your stamina.

  • Fat Loss Training

    Kick your metabolism in gear with vigorous cardio and carve away at the pounds while fortifying the muscle underneath.

  • Core Training

    Training your midsection keeps your whole body upright and affects all other aspects of movement like walking , running and training. It also increases the strength of adjacent muscle groups.


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